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Sunday, March 17th

As seen on McAllister St in San Francisco

Today was really spectactular and picking just one photo to summise a day packed to the brim with smile-inducing times would fail to do it justice. So, instead, here’s a rather generic photo from the day and I’ll tell you about everything that I did that made me smile. 

- Going to Cindy’s (Cindarelli Bakery) and walking by my old house on 6th St
- Getting ice cream from a whole in the wall shop on Filmore that drew us on with their advertisement for $3.99 sandwiches. The best part wasn’t the ice cream, but I think it was pretty old and refrozen a couple of times. The best part was speaking with the man who served us, who also owns the shop, about the future and past of San Francisco and how the citys changes have affected him
- Checking out 45-R, a Japanese apparel store on Filmore with high quality denim and cotton garments. We spoke with the Jack, the store clerk, for a while about the company and products but personal stuff too
- Arriving at a big grassy mound of a park that, if you sit in the exact right spot, has a view of the bay between several blocks worth of buildings  
- Getting a burrito at City Taqueria and having the good-humored man speak to us in Spanish, humoring our attempt to order and respond appropriately. The restaurant was also playing some upbeat salsa music that was impossible to not dance to
- Trekking down to Ocean Beach for a taste of the salty air. We ended up seeing some epicly barrelling waves and a couple fearless riders enjoyig some time in the tube
- Catching a sunset run at Sawyer Camp Trail on my drive home