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Tocaya Organica
August 2019 - Present

Marketing Consultant
copy • social media

When we met, the marketing team at Tocaya wanted to freshen up their social media and talk more about their ingredients, menu inspiration, and the people who make the brand possible. With this directive, I carefully selected images and crafted copy that unearths the stories behind the restaurant’s hit menu items and the farm fresh ingredients that makes these dishes so delicous. 

Instagram Copy
“The complex flavors of street corn serve as the foundation upon which our Street Corn En Fuego bowl is built. The natural sweetness of the corn, richness of the cotija cheese, and spicy tartness of the chili lime drizzle is perfectly complemented by our freshly prepared turkey picante. Take a bite and you’ll quickly realize why this bowl is one of the most ordered items on our menu.“
“You know it’s summer in LA when the smell of street corn wafts through the streets. Some of our fondest memories growing up are set to the backdrop of a warm summer night and the distinct flavor of perfectly roasted sweet corn. With nostalgia like that, it’s no wonder that our Street Corn En Fuego bowl is a favorite by both staff and customers alike. Here, Chef AJ is adding the final touch, a generous spritz of fresh lime juice.”
“Ask any Angelino about their neighborhood and you’ll see that each area of our beloved city is as unique as the people that inhabit it. So, when we open a new location, we go to great lengths to ensure that the restaurant’s ambiance matches the culture and vibe of that neighborhood and its people. Here, our good friend @nobread is enjoying her staple order, Tulum tacos, outside our Venice location. ”
“When it comes to salsa, we know things get a bit personal. So, we take care of the tacos and leave the rest up to you. Whether you don’t touch the stuff or douse it in our savory habanero salsa, we trust that you’ll finish off our handiwork just the way you like it.“
“Take Tocaya to go and enjoy it in a location of your choosing. We just hope that it the view looks more like this than the inside of your cubicle. But, if that’s what it takes to make your Monday a little bit brighter, we’re here for that too.”
“The halftime show is going to have to wait because our plantain chips and guacamole are absolutely show-stopping. We peel, cut, and fry fresh plantains on location everyday so it’s no coincidence that our plantains are the perfect balance of crispy and sweet. We put a Tocaya twist on the guacamole by swapping out the more traditional onions and peppers for a distinct, flavor-packed pomegranate and lime-pepita seed combo. Put them together and we’d go so far as to say Peanut Butter & Jelly have some stiff competition for the best duo in the food business.“