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Sawyer Camp Trail
San Mateo, CA

The Run that Nearly Wasn’t

This morning was one in which running seemed all too hilariously futile. Had I not kept my alarm (aka phone) across the room, requiring me to actually get up to shut off the cacophony of unwarranted sound, the ‘snooze’ feature would be bypassed and the full on ‘shut off and go back to bed’ feature engaged. But, alas, my feet hit the ground and I padded over to shut off the alarm and stare blindly and bleary-eyed at a notification prompting me to fill out the day’s NY Times Mini Crossword. 

In my usual fashion, I made some coffee, gathered my lunch and clothes for the day, and revved up Toby (Toblerone, the ‘01 Corolla) to head over to Rancho. While en route, I thought of every possible reason why pushing off the run to the afternoon made way more sense - afterall, it had been an uncharacteristically wet week and god forbid my new-ish shoes get dirty. But Toby, being the unflinching counterpart in the boy/car duo, kept along to the park, more excited for his hooves to hit the hallowed ground than my own. 

Arriving in the gravel parking lot, I had accepted the fate of my morning, and actually begun to plot out the morning’s route. I took a final swig of the bean-influced life-blood and reached behind my seat for my shoes. Not feeling them, I turned around to see, realize, and remember that I had left them at home. Of course! But, now I was fully caf-ed up and excited about the prospect of a morning jog. The wheels were in motion and this locomotive was just getting gaining speed. So with a single grandiose gesture, like the true heroine of a story, I returned home, grabbed my shoes, and headed north towards my place of employment in San Bruno. I’m fortunate that my drive to work provides ample opportunities to pull off for a run at some of the Bay’s best trails. This morning, the Sawyer Camp Trail would get the nod - bordering the Crystal Springs Reservoir, this flat trail with a nice soft surface shoulder is pretty tough to beat.

The Bay Area is known for its microclimates. The weather along the 40-or-so-mile penninsual can shift dramatically, making it difficult to know exactly what surprise your final destination holds for you. In addition, the Bay has experienced uncharacteristically abundant rainfall this year, dramatically increasing the stakes from the normal swing from ‘60 and sunny to 60 and mostly sunny’ to something more akin to ‘60 and sunny to 60 and slight drizzle.’ My arrival at Sawyer Camp Trail timed up with a brief pause in the rain, creating a somber grey backdrop for the surrounding foliage to show its true colors.

A morning in which running seemed like the last thing that I wanted to do was dramatically flipped on its head. The beauty of nature, and the place that I’m fortuante to call home, set the tone for the rest of my morning.