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Taylor Stitch

June 2016 - 2018
Marketing Consultant
copy • social • product • brand

I began working with Taylor Stitch as a product development intern while studying textiles at NC State University. Shortly after starting, the marketing team discovered that my technical apparel knowledge and creative writing made for compelling product, web, and social copy. Below are a handful of projects I completed during my two year tenure with the company.  

Factories Page

The warp and weft that makes up Taylor Stitch is deeply interwoven with the brand’s second-to-none partners. This page is home to the stories of these partners and what makes them the best in the business. 
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The Seca Jacket

Each year, Taylor Stitch fans and afficionados wait with bated breath for the release of their limited local collaboration with Golden Bear Sportswear. Released for Fall 2017, the Seca Jacket, a refined driving jacet that looks as good on the PCH as it does at the Cliffhouse, did not disappoint.
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Instagram Copy
@plantsandfriends was the perfect place to shoot our latest Jacquard woven. And if you've ever felt a Jacquard woven pattern, you know exactly why. The textile, which has a unique, undulating hand is eerily reminiscent of repeated patterns found in the natural world - the spiral of a mollusk shell, the fractals in a fern leaf, and wind ripples in the desert. Not to mention, the shop is so damn aesthetic.“
“The best way to describe our time with @chairtastic is 'game respects game.' We fell in love with his woodworking and workshop and he fell in love with our new Jack in Brushed Teal. Lucky for you, the shirt is in stock now and his work is available on his personal instagram.”
“Thicker and more rugged than your traditional flannel, our Crater Shirt is happiest in your passenger seat, hung on the back of the mud room door, or trekking through the fall foliage on a biting morning. Grab one, or both, or our newly released Craters that are live in the workshop now.”
“We're no weather reporters, but we'd venture to say that despite this small temperature spike, winter is far from over. And when the snow, sleet, and other unsightly condition roll in, you're going to wish you had the Submariner. Made with hand warmer welt pockets, custom Taylor Stitch anchor buttons, and an 18 oz wool blend from our favorite mill in Italy, don't be cold, wet, and sad during these next couple of months.“
“Heading into the holidays on the hunt for frankincense, myrrh, and maybe a bit of mistletoe.”
“When fall weather rears its colorful, crisp face, our weekend retreats get a facelift of their own. We loved shooting our upcoming products in this beautiful cabin in the woods, taking time to enjoy the peace and solace that comes with a weekend spent working and reveling in the company of friends.“