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Me & Umbrella, Outside of Sam’s Club

Sprinkles & Lines

A soft rain met me as I walked out of the Walmart office and down to Sam’s Club. I had a mission, but didn’t need much of an excuse to leave the confines of my 6 story corporate cell. I needed to find out if I could sign in guests to the Sam’s Club building, as it’s the location of my the bi-weekly, company-sponsored yoga class.

I come home every Tues/Thurs speaking glowingy of my foray into the practice and this week, my mom was going to join. As a seasoned yogi, herself, my Mom was curious to check it out and I was excited to show her. This photo was taken after receiving affirmation that, in fact, guests are allowed. I opted for an umbrella on my way back up the hill and, after catching a glimpse of my reflection, am happy that I utilized the drizzle-shielding contraption. 

Despite being a scornful ‘selfie,’ the muted rainy day tones, geometric lines, and bright blue umbrella made for an smile-inducing photo.