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Matt Yeh ordering a lengua burrito at Aneglica’s truck in San Bruno, CA

My Friend, Matt

This is my friend, Matt Yeh. We started out as co-workers, but are now friends. This is partly because our relationship progressed, but also because we no longer work together.

A week into my first job, Matt was assigned to be my Walmart “Buddy.” Essentially, he was directed to teach me the Walmart tools and help me assimilate on to the ‘Everyday Living’ Team. After a week or so of feeling one another out, our guards fell and our friendship took off. Over the four months that I was fortunate to get to know Matt, I learned the following things:

1) Matt can consistently eat more than anyone I’ve ever meet. In fact, the burrito-excursion caputred above was actually his second lunch that day.
2) Matt has a disarming, contagious smile and his presence alone can transform the mood of a room.
3) Matt is an optimist. Whether reflecting on his life or offering advice, he’s always able to identify (and convince you of) the positives in any situation. 
4) Matt cares for people. He doesn’t think twice about making sacrifices to better those around him. 
5) Matt is strategic and hard working. He knows what he wants to accomplish and the requisite steps to get it done. Then, he grinds until its finished. 

Today is Matt’s second to last day at work and, at around 1 pm, we left the office to trek to the burrito truck that had been a tantalizing subject of conversations for months proceeding. I was really happy to share one last meal with him and I feel extremely lucky that Matt and my paths crossed. I hope that Matt feels the same love and kindness that he shows to others. I wish him the all the best in New York City and hope that, sooner rather than later, I’m in his presence again.